\ Testimonials - Mitch Gardner

Music is an important factor for any moving image project, it can make or break a film at times too, so you want to be sure that the person writing the music knows what they are doing. With my knowledge of film and expertise in compositional techniques, it is possible that I may be able to supply what you are looking for. If you want to get an idea of what it is like to collaborate with me, here are some quotes from previous clients:


Oliver, Director/Producer (Collection, Tight Grasp)

"We have had Mitch on our last two short films and are amazed at his work with both the quality of his music and the speed he works. He has amazing ideas and goes above and beyond to work out what will fit the scenes. He is open to changes when presented to him whilst maintaining integrity to his music. We highly recommend Mitch and will be asking him back for future projects!"

Photo by Alex Woodcock Photography


Aaron, Peabody Award-winning Director

"I had the pleasure of working with Mitch on our fantasy film "Mortuary," and I cannot understate what a wonderful experience it was. We threw a really challenging style of score at him, and he completely ran with it. Not only was he a joy to work with in every way– friendly, fast, receptive– his music took the film to a whole new level. I cannot recommend him enough, and I intend to work with him again and again in the future."


Georgie, University of Salford graduate

"I contacted Mitch earlier this year to help with my final project documentary. I couldn't have picked anyone better to help create and tie together my passion project. Mitch was incredibly professional and on time and could work to incredibly tight deadlines (which I really appreciated). No matter how little time I gave him he always delivered great quality music that sounded like it had been weeks in the making. I'm not very musical but he could interpret my notes and created a piece which I felt perfectly matched the tone of my film. I would highly recommend Mitch and will be contacting him again for any future projects I have."


Chloe, Leeds Arts University Animation graduate

"I got in contact with Mitch to compose some music for an animated documentary. He was very receptive of our idea and understood what we were looking for better than we did. He was very professional and sent the piece for us to listen to at various stages of completion to check whether we were happy with it. The music felt very much tailored to the visuals and it was clear that he had considered the context of the animation. Everything was completed efficiently and to a high standard. I would definitely work with Mitch again and recommend his service to others."


Simon, Director (Devil's Gold, Man Can)

"I worked alongside Mitch on 'Devil's Gold" he was granted total creative control and boy did he deliver. Punctual and hard working with results that will leave you speechless. I highly recommend working with Mitch if you are lucky enough to do so."


Jonny, Director (Two Men, Trapped in Terror)

"I was lucky enough to collaborate with Mitch Gardner on my experimental, split screen short film ‘Two Men’. It was important to me that the composer working on this project understood story narrative from a body language and expressionistic perspective, as this film had no dialogue - something Mitch absolutely nailed.

What struck me about him, was not only his high level and deep understanding of narrative, but how he incorporated that knowledge and different elements of music/sound into his work. We were working to a fairly loose deadline, but Mitch was still incredibly responsive, offered Skype calls to catch up with progress and ideas, as well as sending samples. These are things as a director I would expect from a composer during a collaboration process, but Mitch did it with such ease, efficiency and made it a fun and creative partnership in the mean time.

What also impressed me was Mitch’s ability to balance several other projects, whilst maintaining a high standard of work and never once did I feel my project was sidelined or not a priority. Mitch’s work on ‘Two Men’ has genuinely made it a much better film, and I can’t wait to work with him again."