\ Burying the Mother in-Law - Mitch Gardner
Burying the Mother in-Law

Mark should be looking forward to his stag do. Instead he's in a forest at 4 in the morning, helping his best friend, Sam dig a grave for their mother-in-law. A corpse will become the least of their worries, as the night has only just begun.

Burying the Mother in-Law has had overwhelming success at the film festivals, being screened at the likes of Oxford International Short Film Festival, London's CineFest, Isle of Portland Film Festival and Wigan & Leigh Film Festival. Burying the Mother in-Law will be also featured on Series 3 of The Short Film Show, coming soon on Amazon Prime and Sky.


Burying the Mother in-Law takes elements from several scores, such as The Dark Knight, Kong: Skull Island and Blade Runner 2049. The score has a sinister and serious approach which juxtapose the film's tone. We musically hear the story from Mark, who's Mother we are burying. The comedic approach from Danny makes us take him seriously, which is assisted with the cinematography and shots used.
The Burying the Mother in-Law score will be available to listen soon.